Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Many Thanks to Conscious Entities

Many thanks to Peter, at Conscious Entities (one of my favorite philosophy and science blogs), for linking to my "T=0 Complexity Theory of Consciousness" paper here at the Hermeneutics Blog. His open-handedness may even have convinced me to return to blogging -- if just a little bit now and then.

I intend to compose an "About" page soon for the Hermeneutics Blog that will explain its aims and origins. I will also hope to post links from time to time to interesting material on the web. I hope those interested in philosophy will stop in from time to time in order to see what's new.

I'd be delighted to receive comments -- good, bad or indifferent -- on the "T=0 Complexity Theory of Consciousness" paper. Comments are enabled only on page 12 (the final page) in order to keep them gathered together.

Salute omni amans philosophiae!

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